Monday, February 11, 2008

I just flew in...

... and since I got back from the lovely city Hotlanta I have been super busy.
First off I had a great trip to Atlanta this past weekend. I went to see my dearest sister ms g. perform in Poker Night At The White House at the great theater that is Dad's Garage. The show was very funny and fantastically performed. Poker, a puppet, jokes about WG Harding and the Tea Pot Dome Scandal... you can't ask for too much more.

While visiting ms. g. we followed through on a 10 year old promise. We got tattoos together. This is my 4th but the first in years. It was ms. g's first
So I got back this morning to the bitter cold of NJ and I did miss it here. I went right to work in my studio and worked on a few new projects.

I am going to try to post some pics of those new projects tomorrow. In the meantime I hope you enjoy my tribute etsy finds for my trip to Hotlanta.



Melody said...

I like your taste!
My sister and I are getting tattoos together next weekend, yours look great!

KBJ said...

Beautiful stuff as always! Delighted to find your blog here, and particularly this entry which appeared on my birthday. I used to live in Hotlanta and frequented Dad's Garage as it wasn't very far from where I lived and some friends of mine were involved with their productions (my fav, besides 'Cannibal!: The Musical' was 'Viva Los Alamos' where the young Elvis was a nuclear physicist by day, a leather-wearing motorcycle man by night. Brilliant!).

Anyway, just wanted to say HI and that I'm consistently impressed with your art. Really diggin' that beautiful Pang Lang Pin!!

MyCatLulu- Becca said...

Those tattoos are totally hot! I've wanted on of a rose compass but I need to decided where to put it and if I can design a beautiful one.

Jared said...
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jared said...

Anchor tattoos? Were you guys in the Navy, or just hipsters?