Monday, February 18, 2008

More treasuries

I was featured in 2 more treasuries this weekend :)
Things that totally FREAK me out....

Urban Fervour .....

It was a busy weekend we found super yummy vegan pizza at Authentic Coal Fired Pizza in Bradley Beach. It was the best pizza I have had in years. As good as delo's tomato pie in Trenton I would say but this was pizza, not tomato pie.
After dinner and a cup of tea we headed over to a bar inside a bowling alley to see D's cousin's band play ... I love the characters we saw there. It was like Collingswood Flea but at a bar. It really is amazing I love people watching. After the band played we stopped in Asbury Park and checked out an awesome and inspirational art opening at Cry Baby gallery in Asbury Park

Despite our hectic Saturday I spent the rest of my long weekend as I promised myself making art and tying up loose ends. I am in the midst of a new sort of series using my photo transfers. A combination piece that will mix printmaking, collage and my photo transfers. It's in the works I just hope it comes out as good as it seems in my head.

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Angelia said...

This is a great treasury. Nice blog.