Monday, August 4, 2008

Comfy Collars- Bandit and Ume are Super Models!

I recently purchased a new collar for our Ume Sweetpea (pronounced oo me). We wanted something cheery and pink after her radical masectomy. I went to CAMILLE'S STUDIO & COMFY COLLARS a fellow Cruelty Free Etsy Team member and Vegan Etsy Team member.

Bev is such a responsive seller and provided great communication that didn't make me feel like I got lost in the shuffle of things.
Her products came the other day and they are absolutely beautiful and very well made. The fabrics are soft, bright, and fun. I am especially pleased with the feel of the fabric, Ume has allergies and tends to scratch and herself, so the soft fabric is good but it is a durable cotton so it won't be shred to pieces when she gets itchy. They offer a wide variety of styles and colors for cats and dogs. I highly recommend these lovely collars.

Here is how Comfy Collars came about

Comfy Collars were originally designed for a little rescue dog, Charlie the Adorable, who was kept tied up by a previous owner. Charlie's little neck was raw from having the chain around his neck and he had an aversion to having anything around his neck. Store-bought collars were stiff and uncomfortable for him. They were also boring! So we made collars just for him!

Part of their proceeds go to the purchase of supplies to make collars for Pets and People, a no-kill shelter. You can visit them or make a donation at

Comfy Collars is definitely worth checking out.

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Emma's K9 Kitchen said...

Bandit & Ume Sweetpea are both so cute!