Friday, November 14, 2008

The Unexpected Pitbull 2009 Calendar

Something a little off the Etsy subject, but a great cause. The 2009 Unexpected Pitbull calendar is now available.
In 2004 Jyotshna O'Hare founded THE UNEXPECTED PIT BULL. Jyo wanted to support her local animal shelter, while dispelling myths and rumors surrounding her favorite breed of dog. Inspired to create something that would stay with supporters all year long, she teamed with photographer Laura Moss to create this beautiful, heart warming calendar.
By illustrating stories of pit bulls sharing their lives with a variety of people and animals, they hope to help inspire a better understanding and appreciation of pit bulls, and combat the negative stereotype held against these dogs.
Copies of the calendar cost $17.99. 100% of the net proceeds will benefit pit bull rescue and advocacy groups from coast to coast. You can buy your copy here

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