Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I am back to life after a super fun birthday week.
Wednesday was DJM's birthday. I gave him a really cool effect pedal for his birthday and some other goodies. I also made him a really great card. One of these days I will scan all those cards in, I think that is my favorite part each year, making the cards.

Then on Friday I had an amazing birthday. DJM spoiled me rotten and bought me the camera I have been dreaming of :)

I can't wait to have a free moment to go out and play with it. But that won't be until after Christmas probably.

We went out to Carlos O'Connor's for some food and finished the night off with another bite of the giant birthday cake from Chef Adam Sobel that is stored away in our freezer. I have no idea how it will all be eaten.

I also got a bunch of other fun stuff like film, a new pair of sneakers, a pj set, a pair of slippers. I am a super lucky girl! Thanks DJM ;)

Saturday we got to see Ray Davies in Asbury Park and then we went across the street to check out the Gene Ween Band. So much fun!

Sunday was the Bust Craftacular and Monday we went to see Neil Young and WILCO! I love seeing WILCO so much, they are probably one of my very favorite bands. And it was amazing to see Neil Young live, he is such a legend.

The winter weather has come and with that a cold. But I have a ton of catching up to do at work after taking those days off.

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Emma K. Nolan said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, that sounds like a great week! Hey, the new background here looks lovely!