Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008

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I need to take some time with my new journal I got for Christmas and think about 2008. As it draws to a close 2008 was not an overly bad year for us. We had some ups and downs but overall we are ok. Unlike 2007 which just overly was an awful year for us, 2008 had some really great moments for us.

2008 was the year of the cranes for us. Cranes outside our window working on the bridge and the 1,000 paper cranes we created for our wedding.

January... made some cranes. A feature in AM NY!
February... DJM lost his job. I went to Hotlanta saw GMR and we got inked together.
March... DJM found a job. Made some cranes. The Little Victories first album was released it can be bought on any of your internet music outlets or you can buy a cd directly from them.
April... GMR came to visit we went to Philly to see the Frieda Kahlo exhibit.
Barney was adopted by RSW and I have a puppy to play with.
Made some cranes
I got a set of wheels, even if it is an old volvo it can get me around.
May... MAK's graduation from Binghamton, a trip to Binghamton and Ithaca
wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning :)A feature in Flower Magazine!
June... DAK's graduation from HHS! Sadly we lost Gram K. I did not know her but she touched many, many lives. May she rest in peace.
July... hot summer days at the beach and nights on the boardwalk or on our deck. Ume had radical masectomy #2 and recovered with remarkable speed.
August... more hot summer days and nights... wedding planning fun
September... we got married!!! Saw so many of our friends and family, we went to Riviera Del Maya!!! a really beautiful month for us.
October... work, work, work. A feature in the Washington Post Express! Haunted Farm and new life resolutions
November... OBAMA WON! A lovely vegan post-thanksgiving celebration. My job is now qualified for overtime so all those extra hours I put in I can now be paid for.
December... Birthdays & Holiday Love

I hope 2009 brings many more good times.

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