Monday, May 11, 2009

A plea for Bea

A plea to help Bea from a friend:

HI Friends,
I believe you have all heard me tell you the tell of Bea - the pit at a no-kill shelter whose been there for 8+ years. (I know this for a fact as I took pictures of her for Petfinder back in 2001/2002 at this shelter.) Stacie Samuels-Forman and myself have found Spirit Santuary where Bea will freedom and love at their cage-free shelter in upstate New York; she'll have friends, live indoors with the other pooches and play all she wants on the acres and acres of grass.

Spirit runs strictly on donations and for dogs like Bea there is a one-time donation request of $3240. This covers some of her life-long care expenses... Stacie and I are raising this money so Bea can get there for the summer and finally romp all over the grass like dogs are meant to - not rot in a cement kennel. Recently a great pittie rescuer went and evaluated her - he said she was in good spirits, no aggression and very excited to have some attention - imagine how she will feel when she gets oodles of attention and has playmates and a bed at Spirit?

I know this is just one and there are plenty of other dogs and other causes but if we don't start with one desperate dog, where do we start?

Thank you for your help - just $10 will make a world of difference. Please spread far and wide - as I've told Bea "We are coming for you...just hold on!" =)

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