Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove
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We spent last Saturday in beautiful Ocean Grove, NJ. We try to go every spring and fall for the Ocean Grove Flea Market. Although this year we didn't buy anything, except a cool vintage photo album, it was a treasure trove for photos! I will post more in the next few days as I go through and edit them but you can find lot's more here

This shot was taken on the Ocean Grove board walk. It was one of the places we originally thought of for our wedding ceremony but since the town is owned by the church they banned all marriages on their board walk to avoid the issue of gay marriage and civil unions.

It is time that we stand up and grant for equal rights for everyone. Personally I don't care who you marry and wish you all the happiness you can get from this world no matter who you are. I try not to get too political on here so I will stop there.

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