Thursday, May 20, 2010


I am just packing up a box of cuffs to send down to Gallery 1603 in Surf City NJ. I have been meaning to do this for a month but with the little one running around and working full time I find time to be a precious commodity, I even dream about having some extra time on my hands. But I feel great about getting this task accomplished and gives me such hope for the other projects I have lined up.

I was invited to include my stationery on an online site. I have to create some new cards based on my line of children's illustrations for this. Once I have that all set up I will be sure to write all about it. Now if only I could find a little extra time to devote to that. My other project is working on my portfolio site. I have been working away on it but I still have a lot to do! I can't wait to finish it. In other big news I may have an art show in the works. Still working out all the details but keeping my fingers crossed.

Well back to work and daydreaming about extra time.

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