Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Edible Arrangements Rant

Here is my edible arrangements rant/vent.
I loved edible arrangements until this past father's day. The arrangements from edible arrangements are not cheap but they are lovely and the fruit is delicious. They always make people happy. So for father's day I ordered from online my father-in-law, an avid golfer, the golf ball arrangement to be picked up by myself from the local shop. They called and said they were out of it would I like a basketball, baseball or football, I said no and the girl rudely said seriously he doesn't like football. So I cancelled the order and then called another shop near by. They had the golf ball container but for some reason were charging me $15 more than what I would have paid online, but I knew it would make him happy so I ordered it. Sunday morning me and my 9 month old go to pick up the arrangement, it is in a box to make it easy for transporting it. But I had a feeling and asked the girl if she was sure it was in the golf ball container and she assured me it was. I was holding my baby so I couldn't take it out of the box to see and she didn't offer to help me. I get it home and open the box and it was not the golf ball container but a pretty basket instead. I was pretty frustrated especially since I was expecting my father-in-law to come over within the hour and I had many things yet to do. I called them and explained and they said they had made a mistake and would have the owner bring me the new arrangement. When the owner arrived he gave me the new arrangement... great... but said he had to take the other arrangement... ok.
Now that arrangement was sitting in my car, in my house, my cat was sniffing around at it. It seemed like such a waste for them to just throw it out as I assumed they would do, not to mention I felt they should have left it just in good will. But an hour and a half later I get a call saying they had my arrangement ready meaning the one they had taken from my house so they did not dispose of it. It probably bothers me a little more than it should but I am wary to use them again since I do not know if the people I send arrangements to are getting the arrangement I chose for them or if the arrangement could have been sitting in someone else's car/house etc. I am sad about it because it was always a nice option to send as a gift but I am sure I can find something else to send people.

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