Friday, October 29, 2010

The Mommy Pages Part II Sleep

As a new momma I am bombarded by things I "need" for my baby. But truth be told we didn't need nearly all those things. The Mommy Pages is a feature of the things that I did find helpful for me and my Little Bean.

Co Sleeping gets a bad rap in my opinion there are many reasons to sleep with your baby next to you and this co sleeper allows you to do it safely. Read here for more information on safe  co-sleeping
I never expected that we would have co slept with our Little Bean but our friends lent us there arm's reach co sleeper and it was the only way for us. A few things I found about co sleeping, it reduces the risk of SIDS by being next to Little Bean I could hear her every breath. Night time feedings were much easier. She never had to wake up alone.

She transitioned into a regular crib in her own room right across the hall when she was about 9 months old with no problem at all.

On the subject of sleep whether or not your baby sleeps in a crib, a cradle or a co sleeper you should never place anything in the crib with your baby including blankets. These sleep sacks are perfect for your baby to wear to bed.  They come in a variety of fabrics depending on the season and colors and patterns. 

If your infant is one who is soothed by swaddling the Swaddle Sleep Sack can be a great help.

As I mentioned nothing should be in the crib with your baby and this includes crib bumpers. 
They are not safe so although they might tie the room decor together avoid them.

Not a necessity but I do love this turtle night light they make other styles too like a lady bug and a sea turtle. My little bean still enjoys hers.

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