Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Mommy Pages Part IV

Toys, especially for your infant, are a matter of opinion.We try desperately to stay away from plastic, but it is hard to explain it to the wonderful people who love our little one so much and want to shower her with gifts. Here are a couple that really got the attention of our Little Bean.

What is that you ask. It is a Whozit and your baby will love it even though it is not the cutest toy. This was the first toy our Little Bean paid any attention to. 

Mobiles are a lovely addition to your nursery and your baby will enjoy gazing at it above his or her changing table or crib. Please take care: mobiles are solely intended as decorative pieces rather than toys for children. Please make sure to adjust the location of the mobile out of your children's reach and as the child learns to stand please adjust the mobile again.

I already mentioned Sophie. Isn't she cute? And she is made from 100% all natural rubber.

Natural teething toys are great. We tried to stay away from plastic as much as possible. Another thing that helped Little Bean with teething was frozen bagels. They just worked for us but there are other alternatives like these mesh fresh food feeders which can be found at the drug store or grocery store

But honestly what Little Bean likes to play with best.... our pots and pans, tupperware, and sadly our cell phones and tv remote. But I don't recommend letting your little one play with your cell phone or tv remote. In fact I have already had to replace one cell phone after Little Bean shorted mine out.
She also goes crazy for her books, but I will save that for another post.

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