Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Lunch with My Vegan Little Bean

So you may see by now that I don't really have a set path for my vegan MoFo posts and am just winging it. 

Many people are surprised when they ask me if my baby is vegan and I respond yes, of course she is. I am not sure why they are surprised. Perhaps they are surprised at how healthy and robust she is. People sometimes seem shocked but as any vegan knows there is nothing to be shocked about. Veganism is full of variety and healthy foods, foods full of nutrients and even not so healthy foods.  I know quite a few vegan babies and they are some of the healthiest babies I have seen. They also seem to not to be such picky eaters.  We are lucky our Little Bean does eat a wide variety of foods and is not too picky at all. Some of her favorite snacks include tofu, kiwi's, frozen bagels (they feel good on her teeth when she is teething).

 My husband does just about all of the cooking around here and he makes sure that we take in all our nutrients. But since I work from home lunch time is all about me and Little Bean. I usually make lunch for her right after her morning nap.

Today we had quesadillas with artichoke hummus, spinach, Daiya cheese, and black beans.

Quesadillas are a favorite lunch time meal since when cut into triangles they are so easy to eat.
We had a calcium rich  fresh juice made from kale, parsley, carrots and apples.

For a side snack Little Bean had a tofu stick. And for dessert we shared a kiwi. She was very happy as was this vegan momma.
Little Bean

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Monique a.k.a. Mo said...

That quesadilla sounds delightful! And the little one is adorable!!!!