Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year

Ah the New Year. Fresh Start. Every year I make tons of promises and I start each year with such good intentions. Of course I am starting this year the same. So if you want to see 365 days of me check out my flickr set. Or if you want to see my art check out this set. Or you can follow it on my tumblr page.
These challenges are fun and I have yet to complete one but who knows maybe this is the year I will remain focussed enough.

Mostly my resolutions involve my body, mind and soul. I am looking to do more yoga practice and to finally achieve a handstand.  Spending less time on the computer. I have been working out and running and I would love to run in a marathon this coming spring or fall. There is a long list of things I would like to complete in 2011 but some of them have been on the list for a few years now. Like learning how to play my accordion for real. I love my accordion and I really should learn how to really play it.

Of course if I have time I will go back to my regular blogging here about things I adore and being a mommy and whatever else comes to my mind. Christmas kept me very busy all of December, in fact we just finished celebrating on 1-2-11. And now I have some freelance projects I need to focus on in my spare time.

Happy New Year I hope this one is a good one.

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