Monday, April 14, 2008

Invitations for a moment

I really feel letter press is one of the most beautiful printing techniques and it was what I had my heart set on for our invitations.
Well I received our wedding invitations on Saturday from Lettary Press. Her work was so beautiful! We are so happy with the job she did on our invitations and so happy we decided to use an etsy seller instead of a large print shop. Being a designer I did design them but her letter press technique came out fantastic and made them perfect!
I scurried about yesterday to make sure everything was addressed and in the mail by today. Since my handwriting is so awful I was luckily able to run the envelopes through my printer. We were finished by 7 and took them to the main post office that has a self serve lobby so we could weigh them and mail them. It was is so exciting!

Now maybe I can let myself relax a day or two :) at least until I go for my gown alterations!

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