Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new hair cut a new day

I am feeling much better since I cut my hair yesterday:) A new haircut always feels great!

The Made for You Showcase is this Saturday from 1-4 and I am very excited. I have a new display, all my necklaces, pins, clips, and earrings have lovely new box packaging, and we are accepting credit cards. I have a few more projects to knock out before Saturday but I am really looking forward to this show. It is in Red Bank at the Two River Theater.

I have a couple of side projects I am finishing up as well the Cooking Without Cruelty Cookbook is just about completed. More details on that when it is done!

I just got back our wedding books from
they look amazing. Which leads me to my new projects and I know she isn't reading this so I will share. My grandmother on my father's side is a bit out of touch these days. She seems to have alzheimer's and seems a bit cloudy but last year I got to sit down with her and some old photo albums. That really made her happy. So this year I scanned in all those old photos, retouched them (I still have about 3 dozen to go) and am going to make her a photo book in My Publisher for the holidays this year. I am very excited about this, especially after seeing the gorgeous quality of our wedding book.

On top of that it being the holiday shopping season I have some fun custom orders :) I will share those after the season so as to not spoil anyone's surprises.

Have a super day.

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Anonymous said...

new haircuts are always awesome-- although i must say, i am trying to grow my hair out so the thought of cutting it---even to trim is a bit daunting, hahaha