Saturday, December 20, 2008

lazy saturday

So I find myself here with the flu. I left work in NYC with a fever in a snowstorm yesterday. Fortunately they added extra buses with the bad weather so I caught an early bus and was in our area earlier than expected, but I didn't realize it wouldn't go all the way to my neighborhood. DJM came to my rescue nd picked me and an elderly gentleman who also happened to be sick and headed to our neighborhood. It is ridiculous that the bus company cut out most stops to our area due to the bridge construction, there is more to the story than that but it is long and boring. Anyway we couldn't let the man I met walk down the highway in the ice storm so we drove him. It turned out he is an artist and has an organization that sends kids to art school. It was really great to meet him.
DJM has kept me resting since I got home yesterday. He made vegan pizza for dinner and we had soy nog for desert. My appetite has been pretty minimal but I had to try some. It gave us a chance to finally watch I'm Not There the movie about bob dylan that isn't about bob dylan... I really enjoyed it and it was beautiful to watch. I'm not a Bob Dylan historian so I couldn't get all the hidden references but it was fun to try to put the puzzle together.

Sadly, and I am super sad about this but we aren't able to go to the Punk Rock Flea Market in Philly today. I need to rest up and get better otherwise Christmas is not going to be too fun. It doesn't look like DJM will let me do much around the house so I am just going to play on my laptop, do some knitting and watch some Christmasy movies

A few of my favorites...
It's a Wonderful Life
March of the Wooden Soldiers
A Christmas Story
A Christmasy Father Ted
Bad Santa

With all this snow there is a silver lining, my family was supposed to get together today but I was unable to go since I was supposed to be in Philly, now because of all the bad weather it has been postponed so I should be able to see everyone :)

Check out this treasury for Holidays with Compassion

I am going to rest but as soon as I am better I hope to go back to the studio to work out some of these new ideas in my head.

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