Thursday, June 11, 2009

Umi Sweet Pea

Umi Sweet Pea!
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It is with a very heavy and grieving heart that I share that our Umi passed away last night. She seemed to not be acting like her usual self any longer and had spent the past 2 days in hiding. We brought her into the vet last night where they confirmed she was indeed suffering and there was not much else that could be done since the cancer had clearly spread into her lungs. We count ourselves lucky that she was able to fight the cancer for so long in 2007 her original diagnosis said she would have maybe 6 months. She fought it for 2 years. Cancer is a cruel and unrelenting disease.

She was the most loving cat I have ever met with the biggest heart and an inspirational inner strength that far exceeds my own. We have loved her from the very moment we laid eyes on her at the shelter. Gina and I brought her home the night we saw her and she ingrained herself in our lives and our hearts. She was a great character with so many funny antics. Every step and every breath I take reminds me of my sweet Umi Sweet Pea. She stood by me through so much.

She passed away purring in my arms but that doesn't make this any easier for Domenick and I and our path ahead without our sweet Umi.

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Teddy Started It said...

It's hard to say goodbye, but they live in our hearts forever. We said goodbye to our Pandora & Mr. Kitty in the last year. We recently got 2 new shelter kitties. One of our new cats purrs quite loudly. When my 4yo son met him for the 1st time he said excitedly, "Mom! Pandora's in his heart too! Listen! He purrs just like her!" Brought me to tears all over again:)

Hearts are with you today.