Sunday, July 5, 2009

A rose of 2 tones

A rose of 2 tones
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It's been awhile. June has been insanely well just insane. Between the loss of our sweet Umi and the move into our new home I have not had a moment to take any shots. I know I should be documenting this whole move but I just couldn't find the inspiration inside of me to do it. I am slowly finding some time and pieces of inspiration but I am also taking it easy as we prepare for the birth of our Sprout.

Well I love our new home and we are settling in, despite the ants that seem to be everywhere this year. One thing I really love about our new home are the beautiful gardens. They are so full of history and love. I plant to give them lots of love as well and spent the better part of this weekend weeding and pruning, I can see it will be a never ending task but will be well worth the beauty and joy the gardens bring.

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