Monday, August 3, 2009

Baby Steps

The nursery is coming together slowly but surely. Unfortunately and to add a bit more stress on my already way overwhelmed self we discovered there is a leak in the skylight. My dad who is handy and knows a thing or two about roofs, since he was a roofer for many years, said it was probably just the flashing and it could be repaired easily. But then there is me and all this rain so I am a bit stressed out by it and the waiting and the drip-drip-dripping during these summer storms.

I have been working on a little mural for our Nico, yes it looks like we may have a name.... Nicolette Regina (pronounced nicoletta) and we will call her Nico. Of course nothing is set in stone right now but I am really liking the name so far... other names on our short list

I still love these but they look like they are out due to extreme popularity or disagreements between DJM and myself

I never realized how difficult picking out a name could be.

Back to the nursery, we put in the floors a few weeks ago

This is the before shot

Here is the after shot

I also put together a cover for the radiator.

And finally here is the mural that I began using a combination of vinyl wall stickers. It is a work in progress. The tree came from Nico's Nanna, she found it at the Pottery Barn on clearance but the bunny and hedgehog came from the wonderful Graphic Spaces on Etsy. I really think we need the squirrel from her shop too! They are great quality and she had very fast shipping. Gina ordered them on Thursday and I had them by Saturday. I still have lots more to add and I think I need to paint some grass in as well.

I am thinking in addition we will paint the one small storage area door with this colored chalkboard paint that I found today from Hudson Paint. And I have a whole set of flower wall decals that I may put up on the other side of the room by the window.

We have one other somewhat big project to do in there and that is to finish off the storage area so we can put toys and stuff in there and have it be safe but that has to happen after we fix the sky light. So I go back to waiting and hoping the rain stays away today.

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