Saturday, August 8, 2009


So here I am making things nice around the home for baby, DJM and myself. Those who know me know I spend a lot of time making sure my home is clean and nice but now we can actually do stuff when it needs to get done because it is our home :).

I have been putting a lot of energy into our Sprout's nursery. I put together this mural. My problem with it is the squirrel on his little hill. I think the hill looks out of place but my other option would have been for him to be floating. It wasn't all planned out exactly... Anyway I can't figure out if I should just paint in the hill back to the wall color or leave him on his little hill. So your suggestions are really welcome at this point since my mind seems to puttered out on this one.

Here is the mural on the other side of the room.

Other accomplishments in the nursery this week...
My in-laws- Grandma and Grandpa came over to assemble the crib! It is lovely and beautiful.

They also helped to install a rod in the closet which didn't really have one before, and did some other projects around the house that needed to get done. It is so nice when people come to help and so appreciated!

We have been converting the crawl space into actual usable storage space. It is a bit harder than we first thought. I am not sure if it is hard so much as the guy at lowes and I were not communicating so the wood we bought needs to be cut more and my circular saw still scares me a bit. I am taking pictures as we go along and we hope to have it completed tomorrow.

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