Monday, August 17, 2009

Kitten Time

It has been a busy, busy week. Last week we had dinner with old friends and family we haven't seen in awhile. We also found a great ice cream parlor on the Asbury Park boardwalk that sells soy ice cream, it is called Confetti's and is in the 1st ave pavilion. They sell all different types of ice cream it was just a bonus that they happened to have soy as well for us vegans!

Our cousins were kind enough to lend us their cradle for Sprout. I didn't get a picture yet but Domemick and his dad put it together over the weekend. While they worked on that Joy and I cleaned, scrubbed and organized the nursery. It is a clean and simple set up.

Even more exciting than the nursery being in order is the newest 4 legged addition to our household. She doesn't have a name yet and is only about 5 weeks old. Her mom and brother is still in our yard and I am trying to bring them inside as well. She adapted really quickly to indoor life even though I know she misses her mom very much. Within an hour of being inside she was eating out of my hand. She is so sweet and well behaved that the vet could not believe she was feral. Her brother is a little more tricky than she is and now we can't catch a glimpse of him for more than a second. Her mother keeps coming to our door for meals and they communicate through the window. It really breaks my heart but the kitten seems very content inside and she is 100% healthy - not even a flea.

This week brings more work on the nursery we still have shelves to paint. But hopefully it will bring some much needed relaxation for us.

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