Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Cinamon Snail

The nation's first organic vegan food truck, THE CINNAMON SNAIL, will be launched in Hoboken, New Jersey on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010 with service in Brooklyn to follow. The truck will be serving full breakfast and lunch menus, as well as snacks.

THE CINNAMON SNAIL is the culmination of years of planning by Chef Adam Sobel, founder of Certified Orgasmic, which has been operating as New Jersey's only Organic Vegetarian catering company for the last three years.

Prior to that, Sobel worked for many years in vegetarian and fine dining restaurants.
THE CINNAMON SNAIL's menu will feature high quality vegetarian food of a level of sophistication not often seen on food trucks. Eschewing fried food and the "same old" veggie burger and falafel fare vegetarians have come to expect as street food, THE CINNAMON SNAIL will, instead, offer creative, nourishing organic cuisine. Among the offerings will be Smokey portabello carpaccio on semolina fennel bread with kalamata olive tapenade, arugula and capers, and Hempseed crusted tofu with spicy French mustard dressing over white truffle mashed potatoes, greens, and rosemary bread pudding. There are mouth-watering options available to satisfy gluten-free, macrobiotic, and raw food diets.

All the food will be prepared strictly without the use of animal products, processed, or artificial ingredients. There will be an emphasis on sourcing the finest fresh organic ingredients.

In addition to the innovative menu, THE CINNAMON SNAIL will offer some rare vegan treats. Cinnamon buns (after which the truck is named), creme brulee, vegan puff pastries, and an array of hand crafted donuts will fill the truck's large display case. These recipes, developed and perfected over the last three years, have become popular favorites at local farmers markets, where Certified Orgasmic sells them to a loyal fan base.

All packaging used by THE CINNAMON SNAIL will be 100% biodegradable and compostable. Containers are made from corn, sugarcane bagasse, and recycled paper, and use soy based inks.

Beyond offering nourishing food for the enjoyment of its customers, THE CINNAMON SNAIL is intended to serve as a platform to educate the public about sustainable and local agriculture, animal welfare and non-violence. As in the past, Certified Orgasmic LLC. will continue to donate and raise funds for animal rights, social justice, and environmental charities. The truck's website, will provide an ongoing blog to detail the efforts to provide earth, animal, and human friendly alternatives in food service and business. The website will also be regularly updated to present weekly specials, changes to the seasonal menu, and event notices. Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking strategies will also be employed to keep in touch with the customer base. THE CINNAMON SNAIL will accept special and advance orders by text message, phone, and email.

Apple cider glazed tempeh with rosemary root vegetable puree, matchstick fried parsnips, and marinated kale

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Veganosaurus said...

OMG it sounds heavenly!! If I still lived in NY, I'd be making a trip to Hoboken just for this every week! :)