Saturday, February 23, 2008

Featured Seller Entangles - One of a Kind By Julia

This is the second story on featured Etsy sellers I hope you take a moment to check out Julia's shop and that you enjoy her creativity as much as I did.


I am Julia, Seattle native and UW alumni. Wanted to be a graphic artist then decided I was going to need to eat and pay bills so changed my major to marketing.

I got started with recycling jewelry because people kept giving me their old and broken stuff for collages and mosaics. I felt guilty tearing some of it apart because the components were so beautiful and they were becoming lost mixed in with other pieces and parts.

The Seattle rain inspires me to make things that sparkle (I'm part bird) to brighten up the gray days. Someone turning on a television also inspires me - to get up, leave the room and head to my workbench even if just to make envelopes from old fashion mags.

My only recycling tips would be; 1) Really look at what you're putting in the landfill- REUSE -many things have continued purpose and can be donated to schools, put on, traded or become an extra income if you seek out the right buyer. 2) Really look at what you're putting in the landfill - BUY the right products and packaging.


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