Sunday, March 23, 2008

Featured seller cooljewelry...designs by Pam Robinson

Today's featured seller is a fellow Jersey girl that now lives in Atlanta. She creates whimsical jewelry check out her shop cooljewelrydesign

I’m a Jersey transplant living in the metro Atlanta area. I refer to my personal style as eclectic edgy “random chaos” and I craft one of a kind jewelry very similar to how I cook—the recipe is often tweaked to the point of no recipe being followed. I love to work with color and texture and enjoy pairing the most unusual suspects together, often in an asymmetrical style. For some reason, I especially love "orphan" beads/stones.

I began in this area years ago by helping a friend sell jewelry, moved on to only selling sterling silver. So this is a natural progression for me—to craft it myself. I get the most joy from sitting in the kitchen with gemstones and lampwork spread out on the table…they speak to me…this is a very intuitive process, nothing is planned. Just like the rest of my life! Believe I inherited some of the family color matching DNA—that is a real high for me.

Would love to find a good home for each piece of jewelry I make. Come adopt a piece!

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