Monday, March 24, 2008

Very happy ending to a long story

I have to share this story I just received from my friend Mickey.

Hey Jen,

Hope you had a nice weekend...

Not sure if you remember, but a few months ago, I had just gotten one of your notebooks with Barry Manilow wearing his "I love Beagles" t shirt; days later, I was in a coffee shop and this young lady had a beagle t-shirt, so we started chatting, and she told me she was going to BUY a puppy from a pet shop, so of course I told her to adopt from a shelter, and then went home and gave her the notebook...

I hadn't seen her since, so I kinda figured that she hadn't gotten a dog, but...

...last night, I was out w/ Tilly and there she was standing on our corner w/ her "shelter dog", a little tiny thing, who she got in NJ a couple weeks ago... and she LOVES the notebook and gets lots of compliments on it!

So, because of your Barry Manilow/Beagle notebook, (and the fact that I'll talk to anyone about dogs)) a dog was rescued from a shelter!

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