Thursday, March 20, 2008

Today is the Great American Meat Out and the first day of Spring!!!

What is the Great American Meat Out you ask? The Great American Meat Out is a day to "kick the meat habit (at least for a day) and explore a wholesome, nonviolent diet of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains." I have been a vegetarian for 17 years a vegan for 5 and I feel great! There are so many options when cooking as a vegan/vegetarian and so much yummy food.

I feel the best way for people to learn this is to try eating vegetarian/vegan, go to a vegetarian restaurant. Or if you are vegetarian cook a meal for a non veg friend. If you are in the Belmar area I highly recommend trying Kaya's Kitchen - 817 Belmar Plaza 732-280-1141.

Another time I will do a cookbook review but here are some of my favorites:
The Joy of Vegan Baking
Eat Drink and Be Vegan
The Garden of Vegan
Vegan with a Vengance
How it all Vegan
La Dolce Vegan
Nonna's Italian Kitchen

Kicking the meat habit is not only beneficial for your health but also for the planet. There are plenty of great resources that can explain the horrible effect of factory farming and consumption of meat on our earth and health. Check out the current issue of Veg News it is full of resources, reviews, yummy recipes and 222 reasons why it is great to be veg!

In honor of The Great American Meat out myself and some other members of the vegan etsy street team are have promotions. Everyone's promotions are different so check them all out. My promotion is buy 2 $15 cuffs for just $25.

Here is a list of the shops that are offering promotions:

Aimee Dars Designs
Art by Susmitha
Bees Knees Jewelleries
Books by Bexx
Cards and Jewelry by Michele
Crickets Creations
Daisy Wares
Eco-Nut Hut
Emma's K9 Kitchen
Hello Kiddo
Jak Random Art & Design
Lissa Lush
Paws In The Sun
Quixotic Clothing
This Is It! Creations
Vegan Ease

Happy Spring! It is quite the blustery March day but the flowers are starting to peak through the dirt and the warmth of the sunshine is on it's way!


Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

Rock on! In honor of this important occasion to bring advocacy and awareness, I am offering my cruelty free scarves at a special price! Please contact me before checking out today to choose any scarf in my shop for only $30 each.

Celeste (Crickets

Otto's Jacquette said...

Yay! let's go to Kaya's. yum.

Bexx said...

Thanks for giving vegan etsy a shout out!

I tried to go to Kaya's once, but they were closed for vacation! : (

I wish it were summer and I were at the shore right now, eating water ice and trying NOT to get a tan.