Wednesday, March 19, 2008

the excitement is wonderfully overwhelming

My wedding is a little less than six months away. It really hit me last week when I finally called the reverend. I sent out my save the dates this morning and am trying to catch my breath! Letterypress wrote me today to tell me that my invitations would print the first week of April I am so excited about that!

I am enjoying all the planning and things that go into this. There is so much left to do, things I never would have thought of. And questions like how do I wear my hair? I prefer short hair but wouldn't a beehive just be awesome! And things like wow I wish I would stop biting my nails already I mean I am 30 now give it a break.

Please vote in our honeymoon poll! We are still trying to think of where to go that would also offer some vegan options.

I am thinking about attempting to make my own veil. I know there are so many options on etsy but have a bunch of tulle and am trying to imagine what I want to do with it.

I probably should focus on some other stuff awhile :)

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