Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Featured Seller BabyCakesAprons

BabyCakesAprons is my featured seller today take a moment to visit her shop and see her extremely cute aprons!


Who are you?

I'm Robyn Vines Smith and I design and create in sunny Albuquerque, N.M. I'm inspired by colors, fabrics and yarns. I sew, crochet and knit and I'm also learning to spin and dye yarn. My creations are fun, happy accessories like handbags, totes and aprons. (I have another shop, http://www.burstofhappiness.etsy.com. All of my items are on one site at http://www.burstofhappiness.com)

How did you get started?

I am self-taught in everything. I work full time as an editor, so sewing is a hobby for me right now. I began just making clothes for myself from store-bought patterns. Then, I wanted to design my own items. I took fashion design at a community college in Santa Fe. There, I was inspired to start my own business. I found that accessories were the way to go because I didn't have to worry about fit. I could just have fun and create and the items would be more or less universal. I feel the need to always make things, so I definitely need an outlet for moving them out of my home! I can only use so much stuff. Therefore, I'm really thankful for the opportunity the Internet and etsy.com provide for small, indie sellers.

What is your inspiration?

I'm inspired by fashion, color, fabric prints and yarns. Mostly, I just shop for yarns and fabrics and wait for that jolt of inspiration to strike when I come across the right thing. I feel very excited when I find the right item! I know right away what I want to make.


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